Current Members

Colin Blakely

Director & Professor, School of Art

Member since 2018-2019

Susan Brown

Head & Professor, Department of Management Information Systems

Member since 2020-2021

Barbara Carrapa

Head & Professor, Department of Geosciences

Member since 2021-2022

Brian Erstad

Head & Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice & Science

Member since 2018-2019

Benjamin Fortna

Director & Professor, Department of Middle Eastern & North African Studies

Member since 2019-2020

Carol Gregorio

Head & Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Member since 2021-2022

Co-Chair in 2015-2016

Former Member in 2013-2017

Teresa Hazen

Head & Associate Librarian, Delivery/Description and Acquisitions

Member since 2020-2021

Carl Liaupsin

Head & Professor, Disability and Psychoeducational Studies

Member since 2021-2022

Eric Mapp

Head & Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Applied Science

Member since 2021-2022

Jill McCleary

Deputy Director & Acting Head, UA Museum of Art

Member since 2020-2021

Connie Miller

Chair & Associate Clinical Professor, General Nursing and Health Education Division

Member since 2020-2021

Ex officio

Kevin Bonine

Executive Director, HeadsUp

Director, Education-Outreach Biosphere 2

Member since 2020-2021

Andrea Romero

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs